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New Icons of Fashion Illustration

Автор: Glenville Tony

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Fashion illustration is and always has been about far more than pretty drawings of pretty dresses. This lavish celebration of today's leading artists in the field showcases the timeless craft and amazing diversity that characterize the genre.
From David Downton to Cecilia Carlstedt and from Jason Brooks to Jordi Labanda, 28 masters of fashion illustration from across the world are featured, one by one, in a grand tour of the best work currently produced. While some illustrators create daringly bold graphics, others prefer delicate watercolours and ink drawings. Throughout the volume, both hi-tech multimedia effects and traditional drawing skills are given pride of place, with many of the artists using a mixture of techniques. Lively commentary accompanies the images, while interviews with each illustrator provide further insight into their influences and methods.



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Издательство «Laurence King Publishing», 2013 г.

224 страницы

Формат: 225x300

Язык: Английский

ISBN: 9781780671048